Silk Nightwear – Slip into your Dreams!

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Imagine tucking into your bed in an ultra-fine and smooth silk nightwear that quite literally makes love to your skin! That’s precisely what this sexy nightwear does, as you curl up into a cozy cocoon. So comfortable, so pristinely refine that you can find yourself gliding on a cushion of air between the ultra-smooth night-wear material and your skin. Experience the comfort in your dreams like never before!

Specification: Silk Sleepwear Pajama Set. Nightwear top consists of Half Sleeves

Content: 100% Real Silk Pajamas teamed with Button Lace

Care: Hand washing is recommended. If machine-washed, do not exceed 30 degree Celsius. Do not tumble dry or bleach.

Fit: This classy silk nightwear is available in a range of sizes that vary from Small (S), Medium (M), Large(L) to Extra-Large (XL). Furthermore, special care has been taken to ensure that it hugs your body contours appropriately to offer you the dual benefit of comfort and a stunning classy look.